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September 8, 2013
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R7A1 Rifle by Skariaxil R7A1 Rifle by Skariaxil
Well, this took it's time, no?
Fires 10x46mm case less ammunition. The stuff I posted several nanoseconds before this (Except for the Entry Carbine, it's been converted to 10x23mm by a bolt change and a magazine adaptor)

Thought I'd give them some more stats too.

Top to bottom:

Light Sniper Rifle

>heavy barrel
>flash suppressor/reflex suppressor mount
>storage stock with cheek rest and recoil absorbing spacer

Length: 875mm
Barrel length: 450mm
Weight: 5950g
Weight (bare bones): 3610g
Feeding system: 20 round magazine

-QD reflex suppressor
-VLTor modpod
-clamp-on night vision module
-Schmitd&Bender 3-12x50 PM II

Infantry Individual Rifle

>flash suppressor/suppressor mount
>storage stock with cheek rest

Length: 737mm
Barrel length: 450mm
Weight: 4010g
Weight (bare bones): 2960g
Feeding system: 36 round magazine

-AN/PEQ 15
-Grip pod
-1-5x35 AICOS

Specialist's rifle

>flash suppressor/suppressor mount
>light stock with cheek rest

Length: 671mm
Barrel length: 384mm
Weight: 4415g
Weight (bare bones): 2710g
Feeding system: 36 round magazine

-25mm single shot utility launcher
-AN/PEQ 15
-EOTech 517

Entry carbine

>flash suppressor/suppressor mount
>light stock without cheek rest
>10x23mm bolt
>10x23mm magazine adaptor

Length: 679mm
Barrel length: 318mm
Weight: 2980g
Weight (bare bones): 2290g
Feeding system: 36 round 10x23mm magazine

-QD mini suppressor
-Inforce WML
-Magpul AFG2
-Aimpoint T1 on high mount

Infantry Automatic Rifle

>flash suppressor/suppressor mount
>Heavy fluted barrel

Length: 811mm
Barrel length: 525mm
Weight: 6625g
Weight (bare bones): 4760g
Feeding system: 64 round casket magazine

-Heat sink handguard with bipod attachment point
-TangoDown Vertical grip
-Trijicon ACOG-MGO 6x48mm (I hated doing this one. ACOGs have so many soft curvy bits. Normally I rather like soft curvy bits, but not so much on stuff I'm trying to draw in MSPaint).

Directed Energy Pacification System

>pulsed laser (power: 32 MW)
>super capacitor bank (total power: 50 kW, stored energy: 9 kJ)
>storage stock with cheek rest

Length: 686mm
Barrel length: n/a
Weight: 4635g
Weight (bare bones): 2850g
Feeding system: GCE zinc-air 9V/62kAh battery

-Electric bayonet
-Laser dazzler
-TangoDown vertical grip
-DEPS PDCU (Power Distribution and Computation Unit)
-Trijocon SRS
-DEPS DVO (Data Visual Output)

The bottom one requires a bit of an explanation I suppose.
It's a PEP weapon (Pulsed Energy Projectile). The theory is that a very short but extremely powerful laser pulse ablates a little bit of material by heating it into a plasma state. The resulting explosion is comparable to a small flash-bang grenade going off, along with a nice or nasty surprise (depending on your point of view): it temporarily paralyzes whomever is withing the blast radius of the plasma (plasma being a mixture of loose protons, electrons and neutrons, generates quite an electric field, scrambling the nervous-system).
To directly feed the laser, there is a bank of super capacitors, storing enough energy for 50-odd shots. The capacitor bank is slowly recharged by the zinc-air battery (cleverly disguised as a magazine).
Even though it literally burns the skin from your bones, the actual physical harm won't be worse than a 2nd degree burn, as the laser pulse duration is far to short to burn much deeper than the stratum corneum.
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Nicely done - possibly one of the best looking bullpup designs I've ever seen. The fictional firearms group is having a contest right now that this almost works for. You'd have to make one more variant I guess but we'd love to have you.
I already entered it, but if I'm allowed to change my entry I'll see if I can make an IAR-ish weapon work.
Thanks for the compliments, by the way.
CzechBiohazard Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I only see this entry on that folder. Did you still want the other one to be an entry?
The older one didn't have the LMG and energy weapon variant, I assumed they were mandatory.
CzechBiohazard Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, alright. So which one is the SMG variant in this one?
If I slightly edited it, would that be okay?
(I completely forgot about the SMG since the 'Entry Carbine' is meant to do more or less fulfill the same role)
CzechBiohazard Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, you can edit it. I'm voting on Monday.
oh awesome! You can submit more than one the way I understand it.
So, I uploaded the new file. I'm all set for the contest now, right?
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